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Genesys Administrator

In release 8.x, Genesys Administrator replaces Outbound Contact Manager (OCM) as the UI for Outbound Contact. Genesys Administrator is a web-based UI that provides provisioning, monitoring, and deployment abilities for Genesys solutions. It supports the same functionality that was previously provided by OCM 7.6.

The Outbound-specific features of Genesys Administrator enable contact center managers to perform tasks such as the following:

  • Manage calling lists:
    • Add, modify, and delete records in a list.
    • Create chained records in a list.
    • Move records among calling lists that have the same table format and that exist in the same type of DBMS.
    • Import/export calling lists.
  • Browse Calling Lists, Campaign Groups, and their components:
    • Use dialing and viewing filters to select records by particular criteria.

Outbound Contact Manager or Genesys Administrator can automatically save a viewing filter when the user leaves the current calling list. When the user reopens the list, Genesys Administrator retrieves and displays the filter.

  • View the relationships among campaigns, agent groups, and calling lists.
  • Start and stop dialing sessions.
If you start a dialing session with Genesys Administrator, and then Genesys Administrator stops, the dialing session continues to run. When Genesys Administrator restarts, OCS updates Genesys Administrator with the current status of the dialing session.
  • Create and manage Schedules for Campaign Groups that enable the automatic control of the included Campaign Groups based on user-configurable criteria.
  • Manage campaign sequences.
  • Monitor the current status of dialing sessions for outbound campaigns.
  • Specify or modify the optimization parameters for any campaigns and campaign sequences that are running.
  • Update Do Not Call lists with data from external sources.
  • Prioritize records for dialing by record type.
Note: OCM 7.6 still can be used with Outbound Contact 8.x. If you are using OCM, Dialing Sessions are called Campaign Groups for starting and stopping operations.
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