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Display Name on a Per-campaign Basis

This functionality enables you to specify a Display Name (in addition to CPN Digits) when dialing calls in an outbound campaign. The Display Name can be set at the level of the OCS application, Campaign Group, or individual record or chain of records.

Starting in release 8.1.1, OCS can use the CPNDisplayName configuration option to specify the name to be displayed. When dialing with SIP Server, this value is passed to SIP Server as the DisplayName parameter in the AttributeExtensions. When dialing with CPD Server in HMP transfer mode, this option is supported only if the CPD Server option tscall is set to true/yes.

For an individual record, or for a chain of records, this option can be set using the set_flex_attr custom action of the SCXML treatment. See Setting Options for Individual Records or Chain of Records for more information about custom actions.

Note: Display Name is only supported when CPNDigits is also defined. Therefore, you must specify both the CPNDigits and CPNDisplayName options.
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