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Dialing Modes and VoIP Deployment

An Outbound-VoIP environment supports all auto-dialing modes.

The following table provides a comparison of the modes in both a traditional and an IP environment.

Dialing Mode Comparison

Dialing Mode


Outbound-VoIP - Ready

Predictive Predictive IP-predictive
Predictive GVP Predictive IP-predictive
Progressive Progressive IP-progressive
Predictive with seizing Predictive ASM using CPD Server IP-ASM (predictive)
Progressive with seizing Progressive ASM using CPD Server IP-ASM (progressive)
Power GVP Power GVP using OBN IP-VoiceXML (based on the calls per second setting)
Progressive GVP Not applicable IP-VoiceXML (based on port availability)


Configuring Outbound Contact and SIP Server for a VoIP Deployment


  • To configure Outbound Contact and SIP Server so that a Campaign Group is VoIP-Ready.


  1. Configure a Trunk Group DN on the SIP Server switch object. For more information, see Framework Genesys Administrator Help.
  2. Configure a Campaign Group object with the Trunk Group DN. For more information, see Campaign Group Object.
  3. Configure a SIP Server application object that controls the Trunk Group DN.
  4. In the OCS application object, add this SIP Server on the Configuration tab/Connections section.


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