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Using the Opt-Out Feature With CPD Server

The OCS opt-out feature enables the call recipient to opt-out from any further outbound calls in ASM mode. This feature addresses legislative requirements and enables call recipients to opt-out by pressing certain buttons on the touch tone phone if there are no agents available to speak to them. A typical supported scenario is described in the section, Opting Out of Outbound Calls in ASM Mode.

The opt-out feature is supported with CPD Server (and optionally CPD Server Proxy) through Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) digit detection. This means that the call recipient must press a button(s) on the touch tone phone to be marked with a DoNotCall request. CPD Server uses Dialogic Application Programming Interfaces (API) to detect DTMF and supports this feature with the following Dialogic configurations

  • Dialogic Springware boards (ISDN)
  • Dialogic DM3 boards (ISDN)
  • Dialogic HMP

OCS instructs CPD Server to play a message to the call recipient and optionally detect DTMF during or after the message if there are no agents available to speak to the call recipient. CPD Server performs the DTMF detection and passes the string of detected digits back to OCS for processing. OCS then processes the DTMF string and marks the recipient's number with a DoNotCall request if the DTMF string that was detected by CPD Server matches the pre-configured pattern of the opt-out selection. For example, if the call recipient presses the '9' button.

To enable this functionality, see the descriptions of the following options, as follows:

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