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FTC Requirements

Opting Out of Outbound Calls in ASM Mode

Outbound Contact supports the ability of the call recipient to opt out from any further outbound calls in ASM mode. This feature addresses legislative requirements and enables call recipients to opt-out by pressing certain buttons on the touchtone phone if there are no agents available to speak to them.

The following is a typical supported scenario:

  1. An outbound call is dialed in any of the ASM modes and answered by a live person or an answering machine.
  2. There is no available agent to handle the conversation.
  3. A message is played to the call recipient, such as “To opt-out of any future outbound calls, press 9.”.
  4. The call recipient presses 9 on the touchtone phone.
  5. OCS is notified of the person's selection and marks their phone number with a DoNotCall request.
  6. The call recipient does not get any more outbound calls.

OCS supports two types of ASM modes—one with CPD Server and one with SIP Server in a VoIP Environment. The opt-out feature for each type of ASM mode is implemented differently in OCS and is described in Using the Opt-Out Feature With SIP Server in VoIP Environments and Using the Opt-Out Feature With CPD Server.

End User Requirements

The end user is responsible for recording the proper drop messages that instructs the call recipient to press the touch tone buttons to opt-out of future outbound calls from the contact center. You can use a message, similar to the following example:

You have received a call from ABC Bank regarding your mortgage. Presently, there are no agents available to assist you. Please call us back anytime at 1-800-555-5555. To be excluded from receiving calls from us in the future, press 9 at any time during this message. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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