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This topic provides instructions for a manual, first-time configuration and installation of the Outbound Contact components, which include Outbound Contact Server (OCS), CPD (Call Progress Detection) Server, CPD Proxy Server, and Outbound solution objects. This topic also describes an Outbound-specific aspect of Stat Server.

Note: This chapter includes instructions for installing Outbound Contact Manager (OCM), even though Genesys Administrator replaces OCM as the preferred configuration interface in release 8.1. OCM 7.6 can be used with Outbound Contact 8.1. For installation instructions for Genesys Administrator, see the Framework Genesys Administrator Deployment Guide.

Use the completed Worksheet Definitions in this guide, as well as the other relevant chapters in this guide, to configure and install Outbound Contact applications (components) and objects.

Note: Genesys does not recommend installing its components via a Microsoft Remote Desktop connection. You should perform the installation locally.

The overall process of configuring and installing Outbound Contact components involves the following steps:

Configuring and Installing Outbound Contact Components


Related Procedures and Actions

1. Configure application objects.
  1. Configure and install all Framework components, which include Configuration Server, T-Server, the Management Layer, DB Server, and Stat Server.
  2. Configure and install Genesys Administrator.
  3. Start Configuration Server.
  4. Start Genesys Administrator.
  5. Configure OCS as described on Outbound Contact Server.
  6. Configure CPD Server as described on CPD ServerCPD Server.
  7. Configure Genesys Administrator. See the Framework Genesys Administrator Deployment Guide.
2. Install Outbound Contact components.
  1. Install OCS as described for Windows (Installing OCS on Microsoft Windows 2003 or 2008) or for UNIX (see Installing OCS on UNIX).
  2. Install CPD Server as described on Installing CPD Server on Microsoft Windows 2003 or 2008.
  3. Install Genesys Administrator. See the Framework Genesys Administrator Deployment Guide.
3. Configure and install real-time and historical reporting. Refer to Real-Time and Historical Reporting.
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