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Outbound Contact uses two kinds of filters: dialing filters and viewing filters.

Dialing Filter

A dialing filter customizes a calling list so that only certain phone numbers are dialed during a campaign. One use of dialing filters is to divide records that share the same calling list (database table) between two or more campaigns. As a configuration object in Genesys Administrator, each Calling List object requires its own filter in order to select records according to specific criteria. For example, if you intend to divide records in the same table between two campaigns, you must create two Calling List objects, each with its own filter.

You create dialing filters and apply them to calling lists in either Genesys Administrator or Configuration Manager.

OCS supports WHERE and ORDER BY clauses in dialing filters that are longer than 255 characters. For more information, see Filter Object Options Tab Fields.

Viewing Filter

A viewing filter selects records in a calling list for display in Genesys Administrator. One use of viewing filters is to display records in a certain order — for example, alphabetically by the name of the city. Another use of viewing filters is to select customers by specific criteria that you define—for example, all records that have a call_result value of NoAnswer.

It is possible to combine a dialing filter and viewing filter for browsing records in on the Operations tab of Genesys Administrator (Outbound Contact) when both filters are enabled. For more information, see Framework Genesys Administrator Help (Operating Your Call Center > Outbound Contact Operations).

When OCS receives notification from Configuration Server that a dialing filter has changed, OCS removes the retrieved records from the buffer (memory), returns them to the Calling List database, and then retrieves the records that meet the criteria of the newly applied filter. Records on which the agent is already working remain in OCS memory until they have been processed.

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