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Installation and Deployment

Task Summary: Genesys Knowledge Center

The following table outlines the task flow for installing Genesys Knowledge Center.

Objective Actions
1. Prepare your environment
  1. Configure Languages
2. Configure the Knowledge Center Cluster Application
  1. Import the Knowledge Center Cluster Application Template
  2. Create the Cluster Applications
  3. Configure the Cluster Application
3. Install the Knowledge Center Server
  1. Import the Knowledge Center Server Application Template
  2. Create the Server Applications
  3. Configure the Knowledge Center Server Application
  4. Install Knowledge Center Server
4. Install the Knowledge Center CMS
  1. Install the CMS
  2. Configure Data Source (based on the selected provider):
  3. Configure the CMS
  4. (for 8.5.303.xx and later) Manage the Knowledge Base using CMS
5. Install and Use the Administrator Plugin
From the 8.5.303.xx release of the product, Administrator plugin has been discontinued. Please skip this step for these versions.
  1. Install the Knowledge Center Plugin for Administrator
  2. Manage the Knowledge Bases
6. Configure reporting in Pulse
  1. Configure the Genesys Knowledge Center Plugin for Pulse
7. Install the Workspace Desktop Edition Plugin
  1. Install the Plugin for Workspace Desktop Edition
  2. Configure the WDE Application to work with the WDE Plugin
  3. (Optional) Install the WDE Language Pack
8. Configure agent accounts
  1. Grant access permission to content authors
  2. Provide Knowledge Center Server Access to Agents
  3. Provide Knowledge Center Workspace Desktop Edition Plugin Access to Agents
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