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Supported Languages

Genesys Knowledge Center supports a search for the right answer in any language. It executes knowledge search involving different natural language processing techniques to come up with the best suggestions for the question asked. The level of the employed functionality depends on the language. Below is the table of the languages that has advanced search processing along with the level of support for every language.

Content Language Product Version Natural Language Processing Techniques Level
English 8.5.000+ Bar4.png
Danish 8.5.302+ Bar1.png
Finnish 8.5.302+ Bar1.png
French 8.5.100+ Bar3.png
German 8.5.100+ Bar1.png
8.5.304+ Bar3.png
Italian 8.5.100+ Bar3.png
Norwegian 8.5.302+ Bar2.png
Portuguese 8.5.100+ Bar3.png
Spanish 8.5.100+ Bar1.png
8.5.304+ Bar2.png
Swedish 8.5.302+ Bar2.png
8.5.304+ Bar3.png

For the languages that are not listed in the table above, Genesys Knowledge Center provides keyword-based search over the knowledge.

Proper way of asking the question

Knowledge Center is ready to handle both natural language queries (when you express your question in human language) as well as keyword-based queries.

An example of queries:

Natural-language query: How to install Knowledge Center CMS?
Keyword query: install CMS

When it goes to the languages that support the natural-language techniques it doesn’t much matters what type of the query is used. But for the language that basic keyword search is executed for (the one that is not listed in the table above) – using of keyword queries will give better confidence assessment comparing to the natural language queries. To mitigate this difference, you need to decrease the “out-of-domain” that will allow less confident results still make it in the final result set.

How To configure out-of-domain limit

Out-of-domain limit defines minimal confidence of the resulting document to appear in result set. It allows you to hide less relevant documents in search results. To change the out-of-domain limit you need to edit option in the properties of particular knowledge base.

Before 8.5.303:

  • Follow the Editing Knowledge Base Options instructions of Knowledge Center Administrator Plugin
  • Locate out of domain configuration option
  • Set it to desired value

After 8.5.303:

  • Follow the Editing Knowledge Base Option instructions of Knowledge Center CMS Administration.
  • Locate out of domain configuration option
  • Set it to desired value

Out of domain is measured from 0 (representing 0% confidence) to 1 (100% confidence). The magic value is 0.75 - it corresponds to the exact match of the search to the document w/o prove of learning signals. Every learning signal (for example, positive relevancy feedback) will improve it further.

Recommended out-of-domain limits:

Natural Language Processing Techniques Level Out-of-domain value
None 0.20
Bar4.png 0.50
Bar3.png 0.46
Bar2.png 0.38
Bar1.png 0.35

For knowledge bases with multiple languages you need to set to the minimum value. For example, if you have knowledge base with English and French, individual recommended values will be 0.5 and 0.46. The value that is recommended for knowledge base is 0.46.

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