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Using the Kettle ETL Tool

Check which version of Kettle you require from either the Deployment Guide or your Genesys consultant. Kettle ETL logic is defined by two types of scripts:

  • Jobs
  • Transformations

All the customizations supported in iWD Data Mart are done in transformations.

The main idea of transformation is as the name implies - transformation of data. Data in this case is considered any type of two-dimensional record set. Each step in transformation either somehow modifies the existing record set, replaces it with another record set (usually using current record set as parameters) or output current record set to a database table or other kind of data storages (such as .CSV files).

  1. Download the Kettle ETL Tool from the Sourceforge website at sourceforge.net/projects/pentaho/files/Data Integration/<version>/download.
  2. Unzip the package to C:\iwd\kettle<version> folder.
  3. Start Kettle ETL visual designer. The Kettle designer is called Spoon. Go to C:\iwd\kettle<version> folder and start the spoon.bat batch file.
  4. Select No repository to continue.
  5. Open a transformation. The Kettle transformations script have .ktr extension.

For more information see Customizing iWD.

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