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The task age aggregate provides measures which are grouped by task process and age over the different time intervals. Data is aggregated from the I_TASK_FACT table. This table’s values reflect only those tasks which have been classified where the status is at least Queued.

The following subject area diagram shows the dimensions that support the iWD task age aggregate tables and views.

The TASK_AGE_FACT Star Schema

The following shows the structure of the TASK_AGE_FACT aggregate tables.

The TASK_AGE_FACT Aggregate Tables
Attribute Data Type PK Description
PROCESS_KEY int X Key to PROCESS dimension.
MEDIA_TYPE_KEY int Key to the MEDIA_TYPE dimension, identifying a media type, such as work item, or email.
AGE_KEY int X Key to AGE dimension (equals number of minutes).
AGE_TYPE int X Indicates age type:

3 – since created.

INTERVAL_DATE_KEY int X Key to the EVENT_DATE dimension
INTERVAL_TIME_KEY int X Key to the EVENT_TIME dimension
TOTAL_PENDING_TASK_COUNT int The current number of pending (status is Queued, Assigned, or Held) tasks at the end of the given time interval.
TOTAL_OVERDUE_TASK_COUNT int The current number of pending tasks that are overdue tasks at the end of the given time interval. A task is considered overdue when the SLA due date and time (as stored in the IWD_dueDateTime attribute) has been missed.
CMPL_TASK_COUNT int The number of tasks still pending within the reporting interval.
DATE_TIME_KEY int Key to the DATE_TIME dimension.
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