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AGE Dimension

The AGE dimension is a static dimension that contains age ranges to define the age of a task.

The AGE Dimension
Field Data Type Description
AGE_KEY int Primary key of this table.
AGE_MINUTES int Age, in minutes, at the beginning of the interval.
AGE_RANGE_15MIN nvarchar(64) 15–minute range (0–15 minutes, 15–30 minutes, and so on).
AGE_RANGE_1HOUR nvarchar(64) 1-hour range (0–1 hour, 1–2 hours, and so on).
AGE_RANGE_4HOUR nvarchar(64) 4-hour range (0–4 hours, 4–8 hours, and so on).
AGE_RANGE_8HOUR nvarchar(64) 8-hour range (0–8 hours, 8–16 hours, 16–24 hours).
AGE_RANGE_1DAY nvarchar(64) Days (0–1 day, 1–2 days, and so on).
AGE_RANGE_WEEK nvarchar(64) Weeks (0–1 weeks, 1–2 weeks, and so on).
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