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IWD Data Mart Schema

The Genesys iWD Data Mart is a relational database designed around a star schema model. This particular type of multi-dimensional model is simplistic requiring relatively simple queries using joins and conditions that involve only one fact table and a single level of dimension tables in order to build reports.

Schema Contents

The iWD Data Mart schema comprises the following:

A Bus Matrix illustrates how fact and dimension tables interrelate.

iWD Tables

Please refer to the IWD page in the Supported Operating Environment Reference Manual for the supported databases and versions. Field data types, however, are only presented for MySQL in the table descriptions on this Wiki.

  • All date and time keys are recorded in the time zone that is configured for the iWD Solution. By default, this time zone is Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) (when no time zone is configured).
  • PK in the column headers of the tables stands for Primary Key.

Star Schemas

  • The ETL_AUDIT dimension, which logs execution details about the Data Mart jobs that populate all fact tables, is part of all star schemas, but, for simplicity, is excluded from all illustrations in this document.
  • A few of the dimensions, such as EVENT_DATE and EVENT_TIME, in the illustrations depicting start schemas share the same physical space within the graphic. In actuality though, they represent two separate and independent dimensions. This space sharing was necessary only to simplify the illustrations.
  • The star schema illustrations depict only one join between facts and dimensions where more than one join may exist. Refer to the table and field descriptions for a more accurate assessment of table interrelationships.
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