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Installing iWD Web Manually on Windows

  1. Make sure you have the IP for Windows available on your server. You must also have access to iWD Web templates.
  2. Login to GAX.
  3. Import the iWD Web templates (iwdweb and iwdwebapp)
  4. Create an application based on the iwdweb template.
    iWD Web requires two applications: the first one is of type 3rd party server and is used to store configuration options in configuration server as well as defining interaction server and message server connections. The other one is of type 3rd party application. It is used to define user credentials/permissions for login operation in iWD Web GUI. This step refers to the first application (3rd party server).
  5. Login to your Windows server.
  6. Create an iWD Web log directory: /GCTI/iWD
  7. Locate and double-click setup.exe in the iWD Web directory of the iWD DVD.
  8. The iWD Web Installation Wizard opens. Click Next in the Welcome screen.
  9. In the Connection Parameters to the Configuration Server screen, enter the login details to connect to Genesys Configuration Server and then click Next:
    • Host name—The host of Genesys Configuration Server
    • Port—The port that is used by Genesys Configuration Server
    • User name—The user name of the Person (or User) as defined in Genesys Configuration Manager or Genesys Administrator.
    • Password—The password that is associated with the Person (or User).
  10. Choose the iWD Web application and click Next.
  11. Choose the destination location for iWD Web.
  12. Click Next.
  13. In the Ready to Install screen, click Install to begin the installation of iWD Web.
  14. When the installation has been completed, click Finish.
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