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IWD Services

If you have used the Genesys-recommended Genesys Administrator Extension installation procedure, iWD Services are automatically populated into the iWD Plug-in for GAX when the iWD Runtime Node is started. iWD Services are now configured in the iWD Plug-in for GAX. Please refer to the iWD GAX Plug-in Help for details about configuring iWD services. The list of services is as follows:

  • Logging
  • Configuration Server Connector
  • DM Database
  • DM Kettle ETL
  • DM Initialize
  • DM Load Config
  • DM Load Intraday
  • DM Aggregate Intraday
  • DM Aggregate Stats
  • Statistics Adapter
  • DM Load Historical
  • DM Aggregate Historical
  • DM Maintain
  • DM Prune

Services are configured per Solution, and each Solution must be configured under a tenant in GAX. Therefore, before configuring services, you must configure a Tenant and Solution.


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