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Working with the IWD Business Process in Composer

This Document

These topics describe how to work with and the iWD Business Process (iwd_bp_comp) for Composer/ORS that is supplied out-of-box with intelligent Workload Distribution in releases 8.5.104, 8.5.105 and 8.5.106.

Working with the iWDBP

The iWD Business Process is made up of a set of Interaction Queues that map to the iWD state model. [+] SHOW THE SET

The Interaction Queues that are included in the out-of-box iwd_bp_comp business process must be present. The names can be changed, but it is necessary to appropriately configure iWD with new names. The Global Task List looks for the defined Interaction Queue names. If you modify the business process to add additional queues or rename existing queues, and the change is not reflected in the configuration of iWD, the interactions display in the Global Task List with the status Queued. In this document it is assumed that original queue names are used.

Within this Business Process, from within a routing strategy, Composer blocks are used to invoke Genesys Rules Engine (GRE) functions. This approach is used to apply classification and prioritization rules to the interaction. When a user goes to the Global Task List (GTL) view in iWD Manager, to monitor the interactions that are in various states, this component communicates with Interaction Server to retrieve the list of interactions and their attributes.

This out-of-the-box Genesys iWD Business Process maps to the iWD state model, allowing you to use iWD-based reporting for other interaction types (for example, you might want to track Genesys e-mails along with other task types, under the same Department or Process).

This Genesys iWD Business Process is completely optional for iWD customers who are using Genesys E-mail, Genesys Chat, Genesys SMS, or even third-party e-mail, SMS, or chat. If the Genesys iWD Business Process is not used, iWD Runtime Node/Data Mart and iWD Global Task List functionality may be limited.

For Genesys eServices customers, the Genesys iWD Business Process can be left unchanged if you want to use business rules only. In this scenario, what would change would be the routing strategies. The strategies would use Composer blocks to invoke the Genesys Rules Engine. This means that existing Genesys E-mail, Chat or SMS/MMS customers can use the business rules within iWD without having to change their Genesys Business Processes; or, to access some additional functionality, changes can be made to the Business Processes.

There is a summary of the differences between Genesys Interaction Routing Designer (IRD) and Composer here (new document).

Cloning the iWDBP to Create New Business Processes

You can create new business processes (under the same Tenant) that can support clear logical distinctions between processes and departments For example, interactions from different media types (e-mail, chat, SMS and so on) can be handled by separate business processes with their own customized queue names, and this in turn can provide clear logical distinctions in reporting, because the queue name is the basis for handling reporting requirements.

This is achieved by by cloning and editing the IWDBP, and making the interaction queues (supplied out-of-box with iWD) configurable for your needs, together with some additional configuration changes.

If you configure more than one business process, customized queues must be configured for each Solution in the iWD GAX Plug-in. Only the existing queues may be used. The custom queue names will then be used by both iWD Manager and iWD Data Mart instead of the default ones.

Other Information Resources

In Composer, a business process is referred to as an Interaction Process Diagram or IPD.
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