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Configuring iWD Web Services

Property Default Description/Notes
Web Server
server.port 9990 Web server port
Configuration Server Options
iwdweb.config_server.host localhost Configuration Server host
iwdweb.config_server.port 2020 Configuration Server port
iwdweb.config_server.application iWDWeb Configuration Server third party server name
iwdweb.config_server.client_app_name iWDWebApp Configuration Server third party application name for

user connections. Can be configured on Configuration
Server in third party server (the one named by
iwdweb.config_server.application property)
options under the boot section.

iwdweb.config_server.protocolTimeout 30000 Configuration Server connection timeout

(in milliseconds)

Configuration Server TLS Connections
iwdweb.tls.keyStore none TLS key store path
iwdweb.tls.keyStorePassword none TLS key store password
iwdweb.tls.validateCert on Always validate certificate. When set to off,

certificate is not being validated

HTTPS Configuration
server.ssl.enabled none Set to true to enable SSL support
server.ssl.keyStoreType none The format used for the keystore (for example, jks)
server.ssl.key-store none The path to the keystore containing the certificate
server.ssl.key-store-password none The password used to generate the certificate
 For more information about how to configure SSL in Spring Boot, please refer to the vendor's Reference Guide.
Redis Options
spring.redis.host localhost Redis server host
spring.redis.port 6379 Redis server port
Tasks Repository Options
iwdweb.repository.redis true Use Redis as back-end repository. The Redis back-end

repository allows to make job lists permanent and
survive iWD Web restart.

iwdweb.repository.inmemory true Use In Memory back-end repository. In scenarios

where there are issues with connection to Redis server,
used as fallback when this option is enabled. When
In Memory back-end repository is used, the job history
is cleaned after iWD Web restart.

Spreadsheet File Upload Limits
iwdweb.upload.maxFileSize 1MB Upload maximum size allowed for uploaded files. Values

can use the suffixed "MB" or "KB" to indicate a Megabyte
or Kilobyte size

iwdweb.upload.maxRequestSize 1MB Upload maximum size allowed for multipart/form-data

requests. Values can use the suffixed "MB" or "KB" to
indicate a Megabyte or Kilobyte size.

iwdweb.upload.fileSizeThreshold -1 The size threshold after which upload files will be

written to disk. Values can use the suffixed "MB" or
"KB" to indicate a Megabyte or Kilobyte size.

CSV File Format
iwdweb.csv.columnSeparator ; CSV file format column separator
iwdweb.csv.lineSeparator \r\n CSV file format line separator
iwdweb.csv.quoteChar " CSV file format quotation character
Date & Time
iwdweb.datetime.format yyyy-MM-dd Date and time attributes format
iwdweb.audit.queueCapacity 10000 Audit's data queue capacity
iwdweb.logging.dir /GCTI/iWD Logging files directory location.


  • Command line—--iwdweb.logging.dir=/var/logs/
  • System—java -Diwdweb.logging.dir=/var/logs/ ...
  • Environment—export IWDWEB_LOGGING_DIR=/var/logs/
    or export IWDWEB_LOG_DIR=/var/logs/. Property sources are
    examined. Moreover, directory must have write permission enabled for
    used which runs iwdweb application.
  • On Windows:
    • Command line—add --iwdweb.logging.dir=
      "C:/Program Files/GCTI/iWD Web/logs/"
      JavaServerStarter.exe command.
      Please note to use "/" instead of "\".
      Example— "C:\PROGRA~1\GCTI\IWDWEB~1\IWDWEB~1.04_\
      JavaServerStarter.exe" -host xx-yyy-zzzzzz -port 2020 -app
      "iWD Web_8.5.aaa.bb_xx-yyy-zzzzzz" --iwdweb.logging.dir=
      "C:/Program Files/GCTI/iWD Web/iWD Web_8.5.aaa.bb_xx-yyy-zzzzzz/logs/
      You may also use "\" but please remember to not
      escape last ". Example—"C:\PROGRA~1\GCTI\IWDWEB~1\IWDWEB~1.04_
      \JavaServerStarter.exe" -host xx-yyy-zzzzzz -port 2020 -app
      "iWD Web_8.5.aaa.bb_xx-yyy-zzzzzz" --iwdweb.logging.dir=
      "C:\Program Files\GCTI\iWD Web\iWD Web_8.5.aaa.bb_xx-yyy-zzzzzz\logs\\
    • System—In JavaServerStarter.ini in [JavaArgs]
      section add -Diwdweb.logging.dir=C:\Program Files\GCTI\iWD Web\logs\
    • Environment—Add IWDWEB_LOGGING_DIR or IWDWEB_LOG_DIR system variable
Tasks Scheduler
iwdweb.scheduler.poolSize 10 Sets the core number of threads in pool
Async Tasks Executor
iwdweb.async.corePoolSize 2 Sets the core number of threads in pool
iwdweb.async.maxPoolSize 5 Sets the maximum allowed number of threads
iwdweb.async.queueCapacity 1000 Sets the capacity for the tasks executor queue
Web Service Capture Point
iwdweb.wscp.uri none WebService SOAP service endpoint. Must be
configured when the wscp profile is used.
iwdweb.wscp.connectionTimeout 10000 WebService SOAP service endpoint socket
connection timeout (in milliseconds)
iwdweb.wscp.readTimeout 10000 WebService SOAP service endpoint read
socket connection timeout (in milliseconds)
Submitter Async Tasks Executor
iwdweb.submitter.corePoolSize 20 WebService SOAP service endpoint task
submitter's core number of threads in pool
iwdweb.submitter.maxPoolSize 50 WebService SOAP service endpoint task
submitter's maximum allowed number of threads
iwdweb.submitter.queueCapacity 10000 WebService SOAP service endpoint task
submitter's tasks queue capacity
iwdweb.submitter.caps 1000 WebService SOAP service endpoint task
submitter's call attempts per seconds
GAX & Global Task List Options
iwdweb.url.gax none Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) URL
iwdweb.url.gtl none intelligent Workload Distribution (iWD) tasks list URL
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