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In the Column List:

  • P = Primary key
  • M = Mandatory field
  • F = Foreign key


This table contains information regarding the classes of the enumeration types referenced in IDB tables. In running the ICON initialization scripts, this table gets populated with the following enumeration types:

  • 1-Call History Change Type
  • 2-Party History Change Type
  • 3-IR History Change Type
  • 4-Call States
  • 5-Call types
  • 6-Call media types
  • 7-IR States
  • 8-Local connection state
  • 9-Party type
  • 10-Party role
  • 11-Party parent link type
  • 12-Session Endpoint Type
  • 13-Agent State History Type
  • 14-Agent State History Cause
  • 15-Agent State History Condition
  • 16-Agent State History State
  • 17-Agent State History Pending State
  • 18-Agent State History WORKMODE
  • 19-Attached Data Change Type
  • 20-Attached Data Source
  • 21-IS-Link current state
  • 22-IS-Link history change type
  • 23-IS-Link merge state
  • 24-Configuration history tables status
  • 25-HA_CONTROL status
  • 26-PROV_CONTROL provider tag IDs
  • 27-IS-Link type
  • 28-Route result
  • 29-Route target type
  • 30-Call Control Event
  • 31-Call Control Event Cause
  • 32-Log message priority
  • 33-Log message category
  • 34-Log message origin
  • 71-Campaign State
  • 73-System Reasons to Campaign termination
  • 75-OCS Event cause
  • 76-OCS Chain states
  • 77-OCS Metric types
  • 80-DND feature state
  • 81-Login Session state
  • 82-Association between Login Session and endpoint state
  • 83-Flag of HW reason code
  • 84-Possible system reasons in Login sessions
  • 85-Virtual Queue state cause
  • 86-Call Merge Types
  • 87-Reliability of Route Result
  • 88-Type of Stop Processing Actor
  • 500-Object State
  • 501-Switch type
  • 502-Switch link type
  • 504-DN Route type
  • 505-DN type
  • 506-Application type
  • 508-DN Group type
  • 509-Object flag
  • 513-Script type
  • 514-Action Code type
  • 515-Table Access type
  • 516-Field data type
  • 517-Field type
  • 518-GCTI Call State
  • 519-Treatment Action Code
  • 520-Treatment Call Action Code
  • 521-Campaign Group Dialing Mode
  • 522-Campaign Group Operation Mode
  • 523-Campaign Group Optimization Method
  • 524-IVR Type
  • 528-Object Type
  • 540-Group Type
  • 543-GCTI Record Type
  • 544-GCTI Record Status
  • 545-GCTI Contact Type
  • 555-DN Register Flag
  • 556-Enumerator Type
To assist you in preparing supplementary documentation, click the following link to download a comma-separated text file containing information such as the data types and descriptions for all columns in this table: Download a CSV file.

Hint: For easiest viewing, open the downloaded CSV file in Excel and adjust settings for column widths, text wrapping, and so on as desired. Depending on your browser and other system settings, you might need to save the file to your desktop first.

Column List


Column Data Type P M F Description
DTYPE INTEGER X X The identifier of the enumeration class. The set of the enumeration class values is expanded in the G_DICTIONARY tables.
DNAME VARCHAR(64) The name of the enumerator class.
DDESC VARCHAR(255) The description of the enumerator class.
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