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Changes in 8.5.x

The following table lists all changes to Solution Control Server options in the 8.5.x release.

Option Name Option Values Type of Change Details
[general] Section
cfglib-connect-tmout 0-65536 New
default-audit-username GAX_backend or name of any configured Application New
disable-switchover true, false New
distributed_sync_timeout 0 or any positive integer New
hostinfo-load-timeout 10–120 New
max_switchover_time 0 or any positive integer Removed
app-switchover-timeout 0 or any positive integer New
[mailer] Section
smtp_host Valid host name Modified No longer uses MAPI.
[snmp] Section (new)
netsnmp-enable true, false New
[log] Section
haflip-detect-timeout 1–2147483647 New
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