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Changes in 8.5.x

The following table lists all changes to Configuration Server Proxy options in the 8.5.x release.

For information about Configuration Server Proxy configuration options that relate to external authentication in Configuration Server, refer to the Framework External Authentication Reference Manual.
Option Name Option Values Type of Change Details
[csproxy] Section
cfglib-connect-tmout 0–65536 New
client-response-timeout Positive integer up to 86400 Modified Valid Values and Changes Take Effect Previous Valid Values: Any positive integer

Previous Changes Take Effect: After restart

delay-reload 0 or any positive integer New
delay-reload-backup 0 or any positive integer New
management-port Any valid TCP/IP port New
max-client-output-queue-size 1024 New
max-output-queue-size 0 New
proxy-cluster-name No default value New
[system] Section
token-tolerance 1–2147483647 New
token-ttl 1–2147483647 New
[history-log] Section
active true, false Removed
all :memory:, valid path and name Removed
expiration 1–30 Removed
failsafe-store-processing true, false Removed
max-records 1–1000 Removed
soap Section (removed)
client_lifespan Any positive integer Removed
debug yes, no Removed
port Any valid TCP/IP port Removed
Application Parameter Options
user 1 or not set New
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