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Mandatory Startup Options

The following table lists the Configuration Server options for which you must provide values; otherwise, Configuration Server will not start. These options are provided during the installation of Configuration Server and then written to the configuration file.

Option Name Default Value Details
Configuration Server Section
port No default value Used only during the first start of Configuration Server with an initialized database. Upon subsequent restarts, Configuration Server reads the port information from its Application object in the Configuration Database and ignores the setting of the port option in the configuration file.
server No default value
Configuration Database Section
host No default value Used only if dbthread=false, in which case they are mandatory. Refer to Framework 8.1 documentation for descriptions of these options.
port No default value
dbengine No default value
dbname No default value You must specify a value for this option unless dbengine=oracle.
dbserver No default value
username No default value
password No default value Set manually only if you are not using an encrypted password to access the Configuration Database.
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