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Application Parameter Options

Set options in this section in the Application Parameters of a port’s properties, using the following navigation path:

  • Configuration Server Application object > Configuration tab > Server Info section > Listening Ports > Port Info

Application Parameter options are not associated with a configuration option section, and do not appear in the options or annex of a Configuration Server Application object.


Default Value: 5
Valid Values: Any positive integer greater than 4
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Specifies the maximum number of outstanding connection requests from clients. When the maximum is reached, Configuration Server does not accept a new request until an outstanding request is processed.

This option is for advanced use only, and is logged only in Debug level logs. Use this option only when requested by Genesys Customer Care.


Default Value: No default value
Valid Values: 1 or not set
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

When set to 1, the port refuses all connection requests from applications that do not require user-level authentication. When not set, or set to any other value, the option is ignored.

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