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[general] Section

This section must be called general.


Default Value: false
Valid Values: false, true, on, off, yes, no
Changes Take Effect: After restart

Specifies whether to look up the host name of the connected client. If set to false, the default, LCA does not look up the host name and uses the IP address of the connected client in audit logs. If set to true, LCA looks up the host name and uses it in audit logs.


Default Value: No default value (infinite time interval)
Valid Values: -1, 0, or any positive integer
Changes Take Effect: After restart

Specifies, in milliseconds, the length of time for which LCA will wait for a response to its WMI query for performance results. If not set, or set to -1 or 0, there is no timeout; LCA will wait for an infinity. Otherwise, it will wait for the specified time, and then return to processing requests from Solution Control Server.

This option applies only on the Windows platform.

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