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[security] Section

This section contains configuration options that relate to security features. This section must be called security, and is configured in the options of the Configuration Server Application object.


Default Value: 0
Valid Values: One of the following:

0 No default access privileges.
1 Default access privileges.

Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Specifies whether new users created under this application have default privileges assigned to them. If this option is not present, the default value is assumed.

With redundant Configuration Servers, this option must be configured identically on both the primary and backup servers.

Refer to the chapter No Default Access for New Users in the Genesys Security Deployment Guide for complete information about this option.


Default Value: false
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

When set to true, the results returned by brief API calls are based on the permissions of the client account that submitted the request.

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