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LCA Configuration File

Starting with release 7.0, LCA supports common log options which allows you to precisely configure log output for LCA. Because you do not configure an Application object for LCA, if you need to change the default log option settings, modify the configuration file called lca.cfg and specify new values for appropriate options. The file is located in the same directory as the LCA executable file.

You can give a custom name to the configuration file and specify it at startup using the -c command-line parameter. For example, lca.exe -c lca_custom.cfg, where lca_custom.cfg is the name of the configuration file.

The LCA configuration file must have the following format:

<log option name>=<log option value>
<log option name>=<log option value>

For more information on the LCA configuration file and for related instructions, see the Framework Deployment Guide.

Sample Configuration File

Here is a sample configuration file for LCA:

verbose = standard
standard = stdout, logfile
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