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Common Configuration Options

Unless otherwise noted, the common configuration options described in the following sections are common to all Framework server components. They may also be used by other Genesys server applications; refer to product-specific documentation to determine if these options apply to your product.

Some server applications also support log options that are unique to them. For descriptions of a particular application’s unique log options, refer to the documentation for that particular application.

This chapter describes common configuration options as follows:

Setting Configuration Options

Unless specified otherwise, use Genesys Administrator to set common configuration options in the options of the Application object, using the following navigation path:

  • Application object > Options tab > Advanced View (Options)
Configuration section names, configuration option names, and predefined option values are case-sensitive. Type them in Genesys Administrator exactly as they are documented here.

Mandatory Options

You do not have to configure any common options to start Server applications.

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