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[security] Section

This section contains the configuration options related to security.

In addition to the options described below, this section also contains options required to configure secure data exchange using TLS. Refer to TLS Configuration Options for information about these options.

This section must be called security.


Default Value: 4,6
Valid Values: 4,6 and 6,4
Changes Take Effect: At restart

Specifies the order in which IPv4 (4) and IPv6 (6) are used on the connection between SCS and LCA. This option is set in the Annex of the Host object.

Refer to the table in Configuring Mixed IPv4 and IPv6 Environments section to see how this option affects the connection for which it is configured.

For more information about IPv6, refer to the Solution Availability and IPv6 sections of the Framework Deployment Guide.

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