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Time Off (Vacation) Bidding

When time off (vacation) bidding is enabled and you submit time off requests that fall into a configured bidding period, they are not processed right away. Instead, WFM delays granting the time off requests until the processing date. On that date WFM grants all time off requests from bidding period, based on seniority and/or rank. Time off requests that are not granted are processed, based on their submission order if there are available slots in time off limits.

When you submit time off requests that fall into a bidding period, you will see a warning dialog informing you that the submitted request falls into the bidding period. If you select Proceed, the time off request is submitted for later processing.

Wait-listed time off requests are processed at a later time, based on the configured time off limit or restriction, and no longer processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The wait-list check box has been removed in this release.

After WFM processes your time off requests and you return to the Time Off view, you will see a pop-up dialog listing all of days, for which you requested time off. Hover your mouse over a specific day to see the request details, including its status (for example, whether or not the request has been granted). You can do this for any time off request; not just the time off requests that fall within a bidding period.

Editing Time Off Items During Bidding

Be aware, when you delete or recall any time off item in a batch that WFM performs the action on all of the items that were submitted in that batch, considering it one request. Also, items from the same batch can only be selected or deselected together, not separately.

Time Off Balances

Time off requests that are created and granted when the time off bidding feature is enabled, appear as regular time off items and impact your time off balances for that specific time off type, in the same way as it did in previous WFM versions.

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