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Deleting Time Off

Use the Time Off calendar to remove previously made time-off requests.

If a time-off request is Granted, and the auto-granting feature is off, you cannot use Time Off to remove the time-off request. A supervisor must make the change in WFM Web for Supervisors.

If the auto-granting feature is enabled, then you can remove Granted time-off that has not passed the auto-granting lead time listed in the balance pane.

For example, if the Granted time off request is three weeks in the future and the lead time is set to two weeks, then the Granted time-off request can be removed. However, if the Granted time off request is only one week in the future, then the request cannot be removed because it has passed the lead time.

To remove time-off requests:

  1. Select the check boxes for the days with time-off requests you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete.
    The Deleting Time Off Items window opens. It shows all time-off requests for the days you selected. By default, all are selected.
  3. Clear the check boxes for time-off requests that you do not want to remove your time-off preferences. All selected time-off requests will be deleted.
  4. Important
    You cannot clear (or select) the check box for a Time-Off type that you can no longer use. (These Time-Off types appear below the "—Others—" legend in the drop-down list box in the Time Off window.)
  5. Click Submit or, to keep your time-off requests on the calendar, click Cancel.
    The Time Off window reappears, displaying your updated time-off settings.
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