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Recalling a Time Off Request

Use the Time Off Calendar to add a new time-off request, or to recall an existing request:

  1. Select the day where you requested the time off.
  2. Click Recall.
    WFM displays your recall request(s) in the Recalling Time Off Items window, with a separate line for each day.
  3. If you decide not to submit the recall request for a day in the list, clear the check box at the far left of that day's line.
  4. Click Submit (at the lower right).

The recalled time off is marked in the calendar with the status Recalled or Scheduled, Recalled. If your company uses WFM's notification functionality, then WFM sends a notification to the appropriate supervisor. If autopublish is enabled, WFM republishes the schedule, with the time-off removed.

  • Recalled status—Indicates that the item was completely recalled and no longer affects the agent's schedule.
  • Scheduled, Recalled status—Indicates that the agent's recall request was received, but the item is not yet recalled. The item will remain active and in the agent's schedule until a supervisor removes the time off from the schedule.
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