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Working with Support

This section of support processes describes best practices for working with Genesys Customer Care including:

  • When to Contact Customer Care
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Onsite Support

When should you contact Customer Care

The following processes describe the types of issues and requests you can expect Genesys Customer Care to help you resolve, and types of issues that you will need to resolve with other Genesys groups or other vendors.

Contact Customer Care in the following situations:

  • You have a problem with the operation of Genesys products in a production or development environment.
  • You have a problem with licenses that requires immediate attention in order to ensure that a production environment remains operational.
  • You have post-sale technical questions about the operation of supported Genesys products.
  • You have product change or enhancement requests.
  • You are notifying us of important project milestones (such as switch upgrades, Genesys software upgrades, or production cut over dates) so that appropriate staff can be scheduled to be on call or available in the event that Customer Care is required. For more information, see Planned Major Changes in Your Genesys Environment.
  • You have account management questions or changes regarding your Genesys account.
  • You have problems logging into My Support or accessing My Support functionality.

Other Issues

Customer Care cannot help you with the types of issues described in the following chart. Instead, the issue should be raised with the suggested contact for each type of issue.

Genesys product pricing or quotations Your Genesys Sales Representative
Genesys software upgrades not related to a specific problem that has been reported to Customer Care Your Genesys Sales Representative
Questions about Genesys Education Services or Professional Services Your Genesys Sales Representative
Problems with general software programming not specific to Genesys Your internal programming experts (Example: how to define object properties in Visual Basic.)
Problems with products or applications not produced by Genesys The appropriate product vendor (Examples: switches and IVRs). If a problem crosses multiple vendors, Genesys Customer Care would be pleased to work with the other vendors, but you will need to facilitate this interaction.
Issues with custom software developed by a third-party systems integrator The third-party systems integrator
Pre-sales design requests and questions Your Genesys Sales Representative or Sales Engineer
Contact center architecture and design questions Your Genesys Sales Representative, who can arrange for Genesys Professional Services to assist
Anticipated license file changes or additions Your Genesys Sales Representative or Sales Engineer

Planned Major Changes in Your Genesys Environment

If you are planning a major upgrade to a new Genesys release or are deploying new Genesys solutions that could affect the stability of your production environment, it’s a good idea to alert Customer Care so we have the information available as a reference in case you encounter problems. Please provide us with the following information:

  • Your Company and/or Site Name
  • When will you be conducting the migration (dates and times)
  • What are you migrating from? (software and version)
  • What are you migrating to? (software and version)
  • Details of your environment, including versions: operating system, switch, DBMS
  • Contact Information. Provide names and contact methods for those who will be doing the migration. (Example: John Smith, mobile +123-456-7890, email john.smith@yourcompany.com)
  • List any open Cases related to this migration

Please email this information at least one week in advance of your planned changes to Customer Care

What you should know about Remote Diagnostics

Genesys products are designed to enable Genesys Customer Care personnel to successfully troubleshoot problems without the need to access the customer's network where the Genesys software is installed. This approach simplifies the customer's network security procedures and eliminates any potential risks when remotely accessing the network. It is Genesys' experience that nearly all problems can be resolved in this manner.

The problem determination process usually involves detailed analysis of Genesys configuration and log files by support personnel using a Genesys lab environment and troubleshooting tools. Since these log and configuration files can be very large, online analysis can take a long time and use up valuable network bandwidth.

The best approach is for the Customer to electronically send these files to Genesys for analysis.

In a very small percentage of cases, for example when Genesys needs to view the GUI and a screen shot is not sufficient; Genesys may request remote access to the Genesys products through commercially available, customer-controlled, screen sharing software. During remote access sessions, Customers and Partners are responsible for following their companies' data privacy guidelines when sharing a remote network view with Genesys.

What you should know about Onsite Support

Genesys Customer Care is a remote support service, offering customers a choice of using the web, email, fax, or phone to request assistance and to communicate with Customer Care.

To provide the best remote support possible, Customer Care has made significant investments in staffing its support centers with product experts, in building out labs to replicate all types of problems, and in developing methodologies and tools for remote problem resolution. These investments over the years have paid off as problem resolution times are decreasing and there is very rarely a need to go on-site to resolve an issue.

In the unlikely situation where all efforts to resolve an issue remotely fail to produce a satisfactory resolution, Customer Care may need to go on-site to resolve a critical problem. If it turns out that the problem is not caused by a Genesys software defect, then Customer Care reserves the right to charge time and materials at Genesys’ then current rates and all travel and expenses.

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