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Contact Us

Use one of the following methods to contact Customer Care seven (7) days a week, 24 hours a day:

  • My Support (Web)
  • Telephone
  • Email

For more information, please review When to Contact Customer Care.

My Support

Open and manage your cases by logging into the Customer Care portal, My Support.
For instructions on using My Support, refer to the sections My Support and Case Management from the navigation bar on the left.

Customer Care Telephone Numbers

When you call, you will be asked to provide your personal PIN so that we can address your needs more quickly. To locate your PIN, login to My Support and from the Home page, click the Contact Information link under My Profile at the top left.

North America (U.S. and Canada) +1-506-674-6767 (international)

+1-888-369-5555 (toll-free, N. America only)

Europe, Middle East, Africa +44 (0) 127-645-7002 (international)
Asia Pacific +61-7-3368-6868 (international)

+000-800-100-7136 (toll-free, India only)

+81-3-5989-1450 (Japan only)

+81-3-5989-1135 (Japan after hours; critical issues only)

+1-800-814-472 (toll-free, Malaysia only)

Latin America +55-11-3958-3867 (international)

8004448420 (toll-Free, Argentina only)

+08-00-8911-866 (toll-free, Brazil only)

12300201172 (toll-free, Chile only)

018005183954 (toll-free, Colombia only)

1800000272 (toll-free, Ecuador only)

18001122660 (toll-free, Mexico only)

008002268420 (toll-Free, Panama only)

009800110097 (toll-free, Paraguay only)

080077301 (toll-free, Peru only)

18557078420 (toll-free, Puerto Rico only)

00040190763 (toll-free, Uruguay only)

08001362031 (toll-free, Venezuela only)

Emailing Customer Care

Please use Customer Care for all Email communications with Customer Care. You can contact us via Email for updates on existing Cases or if you are unable to login to My Support.

You can update an Open Case by Email if you reply to an Email originated from the Case by a Genesys Customer Care representative or to an automated Case notification. An Email originated from a Case includes a special Reference ID, which ties any reply back to the Case.

Please do not use this email address to report new issues or open Cases. Use My Support (website) or call Customer Care to open new Cases.


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