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Third-Party Hardware

In some instances, Genesys may include third-party hardware and/or software as part of a packaged solution such as Business Edition Premise. In these instances, the third-party components supplied by Genesys are generally supported in the same manner as Genesys software by opening a Case on My Support or calling Customer Care. If necessary, Genesys will open a corresponding Case with the third-party vendor. For hardware support, and specifically in the case of hardware failure, the RMA process of the third-party will be used and the hardware is not physically handled by Genesys.

Dell Servers may be provided by Genesys as part of Business Edition Premise and are backed by a 5-year Dell warranty under a ProSupport agreement including “Next Business Day onsite parts and/or labor dispatch”. In this case, the customer may opt to contact Dell directly and will simply need access to the servers and have a valid serial tag number to request assistance. Dell will accept support requests either from Genesys or directly from the customer. Additional details for Dell ProSupport can be found at: http://i.dell.com/sites/doccontent/shared-content/services/en/Documents/prosupport-service-description.pdf

Audiocodes Gateways that are provided by Genesys are supported through Genesys only and are backed by an Audiocodes 7x24 ACTS agreement including the “Advance Hardware Replacement” (AHR) option. Genesys will facilitate all interactions with Audiocodes as needed, including assistance in arranging for RMA. Additional details on the Audiocodes ACTS agreement can be found at : http://www.audiocodes.com/ACTS.

Genesys branded IP phones and Audiocodes hardware products, including IP phone, gateways and hardware SBC come with one-year (first year) warranty.

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