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Managing Software

The following tabbed sections below address the support processes for managing your Genesys software.

Software Downloads

The Software Downloads functionality on My Support allows you to download software (General Availability and Hot Fix releases) for all products for which you have a valid Service Contract.

Accessing Software Downloads

NOTE: To access Software Downloads, you must be a Designated Contact.

  1. Login to My Support and go to your dashboard.
  2. Click the Downloads tile.
  3. Select the End User and Sold To Account combination for which you want to download software. (Only Accounts for which you have Designated Contact access will be present in the lookup lists.)
  4. Select the applicable download type: Installation Package or CD | DVD Images.
  5. You can refine the list of software available for download by filtering on Product first, and then refine further on options like Component, Major Release, Version, O/S, and Language.
  6. You can check the box to Include Software Releases under Shipping Control in the list. However, these releases are not available for download. Only the More link will be available for Controlled items, not the Download link. For more information on how to acquire software that falls under shipping control, please select the Ordering Controlled Software tab above.
  7. When you click the Download link for an item in the list, you will be asked to accept the Genesys software usage legal Terms and Conditions, including an agreement that you will only distribute the software to the End User for which you downloaded the software.
  8. Once the Genesys software usage legal terms are accepted, you will have the ability to download directly from the list of Software available for this End User and Sold To Account combination.

If You Do Not See a Product that You Want to Download

If you believe that you have a valid Service Contract for a product that you want to download, but you do not see that product listed in Software Downloads, there are several possible causes:

  • You do not have Read-Write access for an active Service Contract for the Sold To, End User, and product that you want to download. If you believe that your access level is incorrect, please contact Customer Care to investigate and adjust your access.
  • You selected the wrong Sold To/End User Account combination. Please make sure you have selected the right Sold To/End User for the product you want to download.
  • Something needs to be fixed on your Service Contract. Please contact Customer Care to investigate.
  • You do not have licenses or maintenance for that product and will need to purchase it. Work through your normal channels for purchasing Genesys products and services.

Track the Download History

You can view your software downloads history by selecting Download History from the Software Downloads menu. The list presented will include all instances when software was downloaded by you and any others who have Designated Contact access for this combination of End User and Sold To Accounts.

Ordering Controlled Software

Controlled product releases require approval from Product Management before they can be distributed. Therefore, they cannot be downloaded using Software Downloads on My Support. If you require a controlled software release, please open a Case with Customer Care.

When creating the case, please:

  • Use the Support Case type
  • Select Sold To and End User Accounts
  • Specify the Product, Component, and Version of the software you would like to order
  • Provide additional details in the Description section of the Case.

Typically, the following details are expected to be provided in the Case Description:

  • Software Release being requested (Component or CD/DVD name and version)
  • Operating System that the software is required to run on
  • Language if a localized version is required
  • Delivery method (FTP or Courier)
  • Ship To address (including telephone number and email address) if the delivery method is Courier
  • Reason for requesting this particular software release

Your case will be assigned to a product specialist who will confirm which version of the software is the most suitable given your requirements, gather the necessary approvals, and place an order. Once the order if fulfilled, the Case Owner will notify you and let you know how to access the software.

Product Interoperability

Genesys maintains a list of core product components that are maintenance-interoperable, which means they are backward-compatible between currently supported releases. For information on interoperable components, see the Genesys Interoperability Guide.

Requesting Temporary License Files

License file requests and issues should be raised directly with the appropriate regional Licensing team by sending an email to:

Emails will be processed during normal business hours in each region.

Customer Care can issue temporary license files for a Customer in the following cases:

  • If a Customer requires an emergency extension or rehosting during non-business hours for a permanent existing license file that was previously issued by the regional Licensing team, the Customer must supply the original license file to Customer Care. Customer Care can then issue a 30-day temporary license file with exactly the same feature set as the original license file.
  • If a Customer needs to modify previously issued temporary licenses, Customer Care can issue a 7-day temporary license file with exactly the same feature set as the original license file, and will refer the Customer to the appropriate regional Licensing team for further assistance.
  • If the Customer experiences a critical production issue due to a licensing problem (for example, the loss of a license server or corruption of the license file), the Customer must supply the original license file to Customer Care. Customer Care can then issue a 30-day temporary license with exactly the same feature set as the original license file. Customer Care will also follow up with License Management and the Customer to ensure that a normal license file is provided to resolve the issue long term.

NOTE: Customer Care cannot issue a temporary license file for demos or testing, and cannot issue an additional extension to a temporary license file previously provided by Customer Care. For these requests, please contact the appropriate regional Licensing team.

Software Release Types

A Genesys Release means a version of any Licensed Software containing functional enhancements, modifications, extensions, error corrections or bug fixes. Releases are not provided as part of the Licensed Software unless a Customer has timely paid the applicable Maintenance Fees.

Major Release means a Release which comprises a substantial change to the Licensed Software content and fixes to previously determined defects, and may include architectural changes. A Major Release is denoted by a change in the version number to the left of the left most decimal point.

Minor Release means a Release which comprises new features, functions, and fixes to previously determined defects, but maintains the same Licensed Software architecture as the Major Release on which it is based. A Minor Release is denoted by a change in the version number to the immediate right of the left most decimal point.

Maintenance Release means a Release which comprises fixes to previously determined defects, but does not include new features or functions, or changes to the architectural design of the Licensed Software. A Maintenance Release is any Release that is not a Major or Minor Release

End of Life Policy

Genesys has a published End of Life Policy that governs how end of life is announced and managed for Genesys products and product releases. Genesys also maintains an EOL Life Cycle Table which lists the EOL schedule for all products and releases that have been announced as End of Life.

The End of Life Policy is stored in the Knowledge Base, and available to download from My Support.

The EOL Life Cycle Table is a PDF available for download.

In addition, when End of Life is announced for a product or release, that EOL announcement is published in the Knowledge Base. You can search on "eol" or "end of life" to find all EOL-related documents.

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