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Reopening Cases

A previously closed Case may be reopened if an issue has not been resolved or if a Case was closed by accident.

For the Case to be reopened, all new supporting information demonstrating that an issue has not been resolved should be supplied to Genesys Customer Care within 30 days from Case closure. Without this information, the Case will not be reopened. The Customer can reopen a Case by:

  • Login to My Support, go to your dashboard and select View and Manage Cases located behind the Cases , view My Closed Cases or All Closed Cases, then select the case and click "Request to Re-open" at the top.

Note: This function will only be available for Cases closed within 30 days from Case closure.

  • Call Customer Care.

For Cases closed more than 30 days, contact Customer Care or create a new Case so supporting information can be supplied.

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