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Genesys documentation and Knowledge Base articles can be accessed from My Support. Only users with My Support access can view and download this information.

Finding Genesys Product Documentation

You can use any of these ways to access Genesys product documentation:

  • Search the Knowledge Base from My Support for articles published by Customer Care including common support issues and product advisories.
  • Search Genesys Technical Documentation by going here.

Content available through the Technical Documentation site includes:

  • Release Advisories and Product Alerts - Information about Genesys releases
  • Release Notes - Fixes and features implemented in Genesys releases
  • Product Manuals and Help Files- Product Guides and Help Files
  • Cross-Product Solution Guides - Information about Genesys cross-product solutions and configurations
  • Third Party Documentation - Product Guides for third-party software

You can also click on the documentation links in the Additional Information section of any product's Release Notes to see documentation about that product.

Finally, you can order the Genesys Documentation Library DVD for your Genesys version, using your normal channels for purchasing products and services.

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