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Login Info

My Support Access Levels

To request a different support access level for your existing account, click the down arrow next to your name located in the upper right corner and click the Manage Profile link then My Support Access . Complete the form and submit your request.

It usually takes up to two business days to process a request. Customer Care Admin may contact you by phone or email to obtain additional information. We may also contact the prime Support Contact for the Sold To company that you specified, to verify that you should be a Designated Contact on behalf of that company and its End Users.

Note: Other employees of the Sold To and End User companies on a Service Contract can be granted read-only access to the Cases for those companies. These contacts are not considered Designated Contacts. Visit Request My Support Login to request read-only access to one or more Sold To and End User combinations.

My Support Functions Granted for Each Access Level

Log into My Support portal X X X
Register and attend live Tech Tutorials X X X
View and download recorded Tech Tutorials X X X
Search, view, and download Knowledge Base content X X X
View existing Cases X X
Create new Cases, modify existing Cases, submit Feature Requests X
Download software and order controlled software X

How to Manage Your My Support Profile

When a Contact opens a My Support login account with Genesys Customer Care, a profile is created with all the pertinent information for that individual. Contacts can update their profiles by logging into My Support and clicking the down arrow located next to your name and then Manage Profile then My Profile . A Contact may also submit an Admin Case to request contact information updates. The following information is mandatory for a contact profile:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Work Email
  • Employer
  • Country

Please update your My Support login profile:

  • If you change employers
  • If any of your contact information changes (email addresses, phone numbers, mailing address, etc.)

Note: Customer Care Data Admin will NOT create a new Contact profile from an existing profile. All requests to create a NEW My Support Login must be submitted on Request My Support Login.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is assigned to every Customer and Partner contact with a login to My Support. Your PIN is found on the Contact Information page in your profile. Click the down arrow next to your name in the upper right corner, click Manage Profile then My Profile .

When you telephone Customer Care, you may need to identify yourself using your PIN. PINs are not distributed by email for security reasons.

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