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Designated Contact

Designated Contact Access Requirements

To be given special Designated Contact (read-write) access permissions, contacts must meet these requirements:

  1. By becoming a Designated Contact, you acknowledge that you understand the Terms and Conditions of being a Designated Contact. You can review the current Terms at any time at: http://www.genesys.com/customer-care/terms-and-conditions.
  2. A named Designated Approver from within the Sold To Account who can approve contact access requests where Case information will be visible.
  3. The contact must provide a corporate email address that is assigned to that contact individually. Personal email addresses and email aliases are not accepted as the main communication address.
  4. The contact must have access to the Genesys Customer Care web portal, My Support, and agree to receive notices on My Support.
  5. Contacts are expected to be trained and hold current certification on the products for which they open Cases.
  6. The contact must work for the Support Owner or have approval from the Support Owner. Employees of the End User for this maintenance agreement cannot be Designated Contacts unless the End User is a division or subsidiary of the Sold To, or the End User has a direct maintenance agreement with Genesys (and is also the Sold To).
  7. If all Service Contracts are terminated or closed for all Sold To and End User combinations for which a Designated Contact has access, the contact will lose Designated Contact access. Please see the Customer Care Terms and Conditions for more information on why a contact may lose Designated Contact access.

Other employees of the Sold To and End User companies on a Service Contract can be granted read-only access to the Cases for that contract. These contacts are not considered Designated Contacts.

Designated Contact Responsibilities

Customer contacts who are granted Designated Contact access permissions with Genesys Customer Care are expected to fulfill the following responsibilities. To ensure that issues are resolved as promptly as possible, please meet these responsibilities before you contact Customer Care. Failure to fulfill these responsibilities will result in delays in problem resolution and may result in Customer Care revoking your Designated Contact permissions.

  1. You must be able to provide your Contact PIN if requested when you call in to Customer Care.
  2. You must have a complete technical understanding of your own contact center infrastructure, including licensed software and versions deployed.
  3. You must be able to specify the names of the Genesys products you are using and the version number of each.
  4. You must be adequately trained to use the Genesys products deployed at your company.
  5. You should thoroughly review Genesys product and technical documentation and Knowledge Base before you contact Customer Care for assistance.
  6. You must be able to provide an accurate description of any issue you report and its business impact.
  7. You must report each issue separately so issues can be individually tracked to a successful resolution. Reporting multiple issues on one form or adding new issues into correspondence about an existing issue may result in problems being overlooked and not resolved.
  8. You must be able to transfer information (for example, log files, configuration files, Unix full core file, Dr. Watson file, etc.) electronically, to help us analyze your issue.
  9. You must purge all personally identifiable information and other sensitive data from any information you share with Genesys when submitting a new Case, when sending Case updates by email, and when submitting log files and other Case updates using the File Transfer Tool, a temporary FTP account, and other parts of the Genesys My Support web portal.
  10. You must be available to work with a Customer Care Analyst to resolve your issue.
  11. If you have requested Critical Priority for an issue, you or another Designated Contact at your company must be available at all times to work with Customer Care in the resolution of your issue.
  12. When Customer Care requests information or recommends actions to solve an issue, you must respond in a timeline aligned with the agreed priority for that Case.
  13. During investigation of a Case, if Genesys requests remote access to view the Genesys products in your environment through commercially available, customer-controlled, screen sharing software, you must ensure that you follow your company's data privacy guidelines when sharing a remote view of your network with Genesys.
  14. You agree to stay current on Customer Care processes and other news, including receiving and reading Genesys customer newsletters and Customer Care emails as well as notices on My Support.
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