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SpeechMiner Databases

SpeechMiner stores recorded interactions and content information about each interaction in a specific database.

When you log into SMART you can specify which database you want to use. If you do not select a specific database, SMART will automatically connect you to the last database you worked with as soon as you log in. SMART always saves the data associated with the last database.

The connection between SMART and the database can be encrypted to ensure that confidential data cannot be intercepted and viewed by unauthorized users. The encryption is configured by your System Administrator in the SQL Database Server.

The System Administrator can define and configure three encryption settings:

  • Always use encryption
  • Never use encryption
  • Use encryption when the user requests it

The Always use encryption and Never use encryption settings cannot be changed when you log into SMART.

If Use encryption when the user requests it is defined, you can select an encrypted connection when you log into SMART.

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