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Create a Program

You can create programs that define the type of interaction structure you want to analyze.


  1. Analyze your Business Needs
    Gather information about the business issue you want the program to represent.
  2. Create an Empty Program
    Set the program properties and define its attributes (such as name, description, language, etc.), according to the related business issue.
  3. Remove Topics from a program
    Based on your research add topics and non-linguistic data to the Program. Define the order in which program items (that is, topics and non-linguistic data) should appear in the interaction. That is, the items SpeechMiner should search for and where during an interaction.
  4. Create a program Trigger
    Set conditions for the links defined in the program's structure, including conditions that the parent item must meet and metadata conditions that the interaction must meet (for example, the agent must be from a particular work group, or the interaction must have taken place after a certain date)
  5. Create a program Recognition Task
    Specify the time in an interaction at which the topic or non-linguistic data must be present.
  6. Add Notes to a Program
    Add notes for yourself and SpeechMiner users about the specific program (for example, the reason the program was created).
  7. Save and Activate the Program
    Once you have added topics and non-linguistic data and configured Triggers and Recognition tasks to the program, save the program.

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