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Moving and Sorting a Category


Move a Category=

The list of categories appears in SpeechMiner in the same order and with the same structure as it does in the Category Manager. It is therefore a good idea to organize the list in a way that is convenient for SpeechMiner users. You can do this by moving categories up or down in the tree list, by changing the nesting of categories.

Individual categories can be moved up and down within the tree list in one of two ways: by dragging them to the desired locations, or by selecting them and then selecting Move Up Move cat up.png or Move Down Move cat down.png to move them up or down one position in the list.

The nesting of categories can be modified by dragging categories within the tree list. In this way, you can change any regular category into a parent category or a sub-category, or move a sub-category from one parent category to another.

If you drop the category on an existing category that was not previously a parent category, a warning message appears, indicating that any conditions that were defined for the regular category are deleted when it becomes a parent category. Select Yes to delete those conditions and convert the category into a parent category. For additional information about parent and sub-categories refer to About Categories.

When you drag a category, you can drop it between two other categories or on top of a single category. If you drop it between other categories, it is placed between those categories. If you drop it on top of another category, it is converted into a sub-category of the category on which it is dropped. As you drag the category, an arrow indicates where it will be placed if you release it in its current location. If the arrow points between two categories, the category you are dragging will be placed between the two categories; if the arrow points at a category, the category you are dragging will be inserted as a sub-category of the category identified by the arrow.

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|-| Sort a Category=

The sub-categories of a parent category can be sorted alphabetically. The sorting operation is not recursive - only the immediate "children" of the selected parent category are sorted; the sub-categories of the sub-categories are not sorted as part of the operation. In addition, the sort order is not case-sensitive.

You can use this feature to sort the sub-categories of individual parent categories, or, if you sort the All Category, you can sort all of the top-level Categories (for example, the immediate children of the All Category). You can also select multiple parent categories, to sort all of their sub-categories in one operation.

To sort a sub-category of a parent category

  1. In the tree list, right-click the parent category, and select Sort Alphabetically.
  2. The sub-Categories of the selected Category are rearranged in alphabetical order.

To sort the sub-categories of multiple parent categories

  1. In the tree list, select the check box of each of the parent categories.
  2. The parent categories must all be at the same level in the Category tree.

  3. Right-click the last parent Category you selected, and then select Sort Alphabetically.
  4. The sub-Categories of each of the selected Categories are rearranged in alphabetical order.

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