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Updates to Existing 8.1.4 Documentation

Below are documentation updates for the Universal Routing 8.1 Reference Manual.

For information on supported operating systems and databases, see the Universal_Routing section in the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide.
Chapter Number Chapter Name Update Summary
2 IRD Objects Classification Object Update

Classification Server 8.5 and Strategy Execution

Identify Contact Object Update

Web Service Object Update

Also see the Security section below.

3 URS/IRD Functions Additional Data Returned by SelectDN

New or Updated Function Descriptions
4 URS Options New or Updated Configuration Option Descriptions
Appendix C URS Methods Estimated Wait Time Improvement Using URS Web API
Various Other Updates Maximum Characters for Combined Length of Target and Stat Server Name

Distribution of Multimedia Interactions During Shutdown or Backup Mode

Removal of 9999 License Limit

Security Other Guides See the Genesys Security Deployment Guide for details on the items below.

Secure communication with Workforce Management Server using the standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.

IRD supports TLS 1.2. The Security TLS Protocol control in the Web Service object contains a new value, TLSv12.

IRD supports communication with Message Server through a secure port.
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