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Other Universal Routing 8.1.x Updates

This page contains other updates related to URS and IRD that are important to note.

URS Character Limitation

URS allows a maximum 1,023 characters for the combined length of a target name and a Stat Server name where the target name is the name of a corresponding Configuration Database object plus a Skill expression (if a Skill expression is used). Also see the Known Issues and Recommendations section of the Universal Routing Server 8.1.x release note.

Distribution of Multimedia Interactions During Shutdown or Backup Mode

Starting with 8.1.400.23, when URS shuts down or switches to backup mode, it distributes virtual queue events for multimedia interactions regardless of whether a backup URS exists. For voice calls, the URS behavior is the same as previous – virtual queue events are distributed only if there is no backup URS.

Removal of 9999 License Limit

Starting with 8.1.400.33, the maximum number of licenses to check out from License Server is extended from 9999 to 1,000,000 seats. Upon startup, URS checks out all available number of router_seats defined in License Server. When fewer licenses than available are needed, start URS with a new startup command line parameter: -licnum <number of licenses>.

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