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Associating Virtual Queues with Stat Servers

Starting with Release 8.1.401.00, the URS default_stat_server option is extended to allow you to specify a separate default Stat Server for every Virtual Queue. The extension covers cases where the URS Connections list contains multiple Stat Servers. An updated option description is presented below.


Location in Configuration Layer by precedence: Virtual Queue, Routing Point, T-Server, Tenant, Universal Routing Server Application
Default value: None. If a default is not specified, URS uses the first available Stat Server on its Connections list.
Valid value: The name of any available Stat Server
Value changes: Take effect immediately

This option designates which Stat Server to use as the default location when a target in a strategy omits the location (that is, the target has a format of ID or ID.type rather than ID@StatServerName.type).

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