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Route to Place Without Checking Ready State

The following SCXML strategy routes an interaction to a place that has free DNs, even if Stat Server reports it as not ready.

<scxml version="1.0" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2005/07/scxml" 
  <state id="initial">
    <transition event="interaction.added" target="routing">
        _data.ixnid = _event.data.interactionid;
  <state id="routing">
      <script>_genesys.queue.checkAgentState(_data.ixnid, false);</script>
      <queue:submit priority="5" timeout="20">
          <queue:target type="place" name="'pl_0002'"/> 
    <transition event="queue.submit.done" target="exit">
      <log expr="'DONE'"/>
      <log expr="_event.data.targetselected"/>
    <transition event="error.queue.submit" target="error"/>
  <final id="exit"/>
  <final id="error"/>
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