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Access Interaction Properties

The following SCXML strategy shows how to access the properties of an interaction object.

<scxml version="1.0" xmlns="" 
	var ixnid;
  <state id="initial">
	<transition event="interaction.added" target="get_ixn_properties">
			ixnid =;
  <state id="get_ixn_properties">
			var g_uid = _genesys.ixn.interactions[ixnid].g_uid;
			var category = _genesys.ixn.interactions[ixnid].category;
			var tenantid = _genesys.ixn.interactions[ixnid].tenantid;
			var parentid = _genesys.ixn.interactions[ixnid].parentid;
			var contactedaddr = _genesys.ixn.interactions[ixnid].contactedaddr;
			var parties = _genesys.ixn.interactions[ixnid].parties;
			var udata = _genesys.ixn.interactions[ixnid].udata;
			var voice = _genesys.ixn.interactions[ixnid].voice;
			var xdata = _genesys.ixn.interactions[ixnid].xdata;
			var location = _genesys.ixn.interactions[ixnid].location;
	<transition cond="category=='voice'" target="exit">
		<log expr="'g_uid: ' + g_uid" />
		<log expr="'category: ' + category" />
		<log expr="'tenantid: ' + tenantid" />
		<log expr="'parentid: ' + parentid" />
		<log expr="'contactedaddr: ' + contactedaddr" />
		<log expr="'parties: ' + uneval(parties)" />
		<log expr="'udata: ' + uneval(udata)" />
		<log expr="'voice: ' + uneval(voice)" />
		<log expr="'xdata: ' + uneval(xdata)" />
		<log expr="'location: ' + uneval(location)" />
	<transition target="error" />
  <final id="exit"/>
  <final id="error"/>
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