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Cassandra 2.2.5 / 3.9 Installation/Configuration Guide

Apache Cassandra is an open source, eventually consistent, distributed database system used by Orchestration Server to store customer session information. It is designed to be highly scalable and decentralized (such that there is no single point of failure).

  • This guide describes working with a Cassandra 2.2.5 installation (supported as of ORS Release 8.1.400.40 on 03/31/16), and a Cassandra 3.9 installation (supported as of ORS Release 8.1.400.51 on 01/12/17).
  • For information on working with Cassandra versions prior to 2.2.5, see the Cassandra 1.1.x Installation/Configuration Guide on the Orchestration Server documentation website.
Cassandra connectivity is recommended for Orchestration Server deployments if session recovery is desired. This functionality will not be available without connectivity to at least one configured Cassandra node. Orchestration Server will execute without Cassandra.
ORS supports only Apache's implementation of Cassandra. All references to Cassandra in ORS documentation refer to Apache Cassandra. The DataStax DSE edition of Cassandra is not supported as of now. ORS uses gcassandralib, which is a C++ Thrift based library to interface with Cassandra.
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