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Fetch Data

The following sample shows how to fetch a .jsp resource from a Web Server. The fetched resource returns a DN that can be used for routing purposes. The logic of calculating the target DN is implemented on the Web Server side and it is the .jsp page creator who determines how the DN is calculated.

<scxml version="1.0" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2005/07/scxml" 
  <script>var DN = "";</script>
  <state id="initial">
      <script>var URI="http://localhost:9090/strategies/01_BASIC/_aux/GetDN.jsp";</script>
      <session:fetch srcexpr="URI"/>
    <transition event="session.fetch.done" target="check">
      <script>DN = _event.data.content;</script> 
    <transition event="error.session.fetch" target="error"/>
  <state id="check">
    <transition cond="DN=='7102'" target="routing"/>
    <transition target="error"/>
  <state id="routing">
      <queue:submit priority="5" timeout="20">
        <queue:targets type="dn">
          <queue:target name="'7102'"/> 
    <transition event="queue.submit.done" target="exit">
      <log expr="'DONE'"/>
      <log expr="_genesys.ixn.interactions[0].voice.ani"/>
      <log expr="'DONE'"/>
      <log expr="_event.data.targetselected"/>
    <transition event="error.queue.submit" target="error"/>
  <final id="exit"/>
  <final id="error"/>
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