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Graceful Shutdown

This feature is no longer available, starting with release 8.1.400.75.

Starting with release 8.1.400.64, ORS supports "graceful shutdown".

In general, the “graceful shutdown” feature of Management Framework is described in the Management Layer User's Guide, Graceful Stop section. The information below describes graceful shutdown processing specific to ORS.

Processing Graceful Shutdown Signal from Local Control Agent

After a graceful shutdown signal has been received from the LCA, ORS does the following:

  • Changes state to Suspending.
  • Stops creating new sessions.
  • Finishes processing of existing sessions.
  • After all active sessions terminate, changes state to Stopped.
  • If ORS receives a signal from the Local Control Agent (LCA) to switch into backup mode while it is in suspending mode, ORS processes it as it does in regular primary mode – terminates all current sessions, and so on.
  • While in a suspending state, ORS might receive an “ungraceful” shutdown signal from the LCA. In this case ORS immediately stops.

Processing Incoming Interactions

To enable ORS to continue processing incoming voice interactions when a primary application of an ORS node processes a “graceful shutdown”:

  • The ORS cluster must consist of more than one node.
  • A graceful stop must not be applied to more than one node at a time.
  • When one of the ORS nodes from a cluster performs a graceful stop, it delegates creation of new sessions to the Reserved node.
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