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Debug Logging Segmentation

Starting with Release 8.1.300.52, ORS supports Debug Logging Segmentation, which provides more precise control of the logging when the log-trace-segments option is configured. The debug segment header {<segment_name>:<log_level>} is now added right after the timestamp. For example: 10:31:02.249 {ScxmlMetric:3} METRIC <event_queued sid='MLO6K6519D5UPAGSHNE41VJBSS00000M' name='interaction.added' type='external' thread='15800' />

Use this option to specify the debug messages that will be printed into the log files. When set to all or All (the default), all debug messages are printed with the log level defined by the log/x-server-trace-level option. To control the log levels for each segment, use syntax: <segment_name>:<log_level>. If <log_level> is not specified or invalid, ORS applies the default value (defined in x-server-trace-level). If an unknown segment is specified, ORS ignores it without generating an error.


Setting Description
all, ORSInternal:0, ORSURS:0 Everything is enabled except ORSInternal and ORSURS
ScxmlIO,ThreadSync Only ScxmlIO and ThreadSync are enabled
all,ORSURS Everything is enabled (the same as all)
ORSURS:0 Everything is disabled (the same as empty)
CallMonitor,all:0 Everything is disabled (the same as empty)
all,ORSURS:1 Everything is enabled with the default trace level, but the trace level for the ORSURS segment will be changed to 1
(empty) Everything is disabled (the same as all:0, or x-server-trace-level=0)
all:3 The same as all with x-server-trace-level=3

Note: Starting with ORS 8.1.400.31, a new Debug Log Segment header ScxmlMetricEvalExpr is added for METRIC:eval_expr. In a log file, it will appear as follows:

14:47:11.414 [T:8436] {ScxmlMetricEvalExpr:3} METRIC <eval_expr sid='ors2521' expression='global._data = 
new Object();' result='[object Object]' thread='8436' /> 

As a result, the log-trace-segments option adds ScxmlMetricEvalExpr as a new value.

Also see filter-eval-expr.

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